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Meet Joshua


Joshua Nathan Schonberger is a goal-driven young entrepreneur with over eight years of experience in the Real Estate Industry. He started working in property management while still in college and went on to explore various Real Estate markets including but not limited to residential housing, commercial warehouses, apartment complexes, residential investment properties, and land. 

Joshua found himself excelling and flourishing in the fix and flips of both residential investment and apartment complex realm. He discovered a niche for helping clients "numbers tweak" (as he calls it) by thoroughly assessing and reassessing the strengths of their apartment complexes and portfolios by developing a systematized plan for increasing ROI.

Deciding to take a step back from his life's work and dedicate himself to a greater cause. Joshua joined the US Army as a Construction Engineer. During his service, he was able to develop a different perspective on everything he had learned before.  This, combined with his newly-discovered passion for construction, demolition, and rebuilding.  This new passion drives him to provide his clients with innovative and personalized Real Estate solutions. 

By combining his knowledge from flipping residential housing and apartment complexes with his experience in new land construction, he has gained an unprecedented advantage over his competition. Joshua is well-known for helping his clients get a fresh perspective on their investments.  So, feel free to book an appointment with him and his team to layout a Master Plan to successfully tackle and achieve your Real Estate Investment Goals. 

Invest with Josh

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